August 2002



"First sale announced as wraps come off revolutionary 160hp four-cylinder diesel

Wilksch Airmotive’s open secret - the 16Ohp four-cylinder diesel (sorry, CITEC) engine - is now in the open, having been exhibited at the Cranfield Rally: so is the order book with the first sale having predated Cranfield by a month.

MD Mark Wilksch commented: ‘We have had a steady stream of enquiries for a bigger engine, but did not want to commit to the WAM-160 programme until the core technology had been sufficiently matured.

"Our investment in a truly modular technology has made the step to the bigger engine relatively simple. We originally saw the WAM-160 as our entry product for the US market but we have been surprised by the number of enquiries from European countries.

The inverted in-line four has been eagerly awaited on both sides of the Atlantic. It shares a similar spec to the WAM-120 triple: a blown and turbocharged two-stroke fuelled by Jet Al and it is fitted with the same ParaFocal mount and an integral cooling system. Development is expected to be relatively straightforward - both engines share a large number of components.

The first ten orders will cost £13,500 plus VAT, thereafter they will cost £15,000 plus VAT. A place in the delivery queue costs a £1000 deposit, but even the first will have to wait at least a year.

First runs are scheduled for spring 2003 and first customer deliveries for later that year. The wait will be onerous, but the payoff promises to be huge."